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The first non-invasive method of supporting muscle building and body contouring with the aim of achieving quality results using modern technology.

An effective and safe procedure that improves muscle tone and reduces fat cells in the target areas. This is EM muscle Sculpt.




The process is similar to how we naturally contract our muscles during training. The EM System just takes over the process to a much stronger degree than the body is capable of. The electromagnetic energy causes the muscles to perform what is called a supra maximal contraction.

During 1 session, the machine induces 20,000 supra maximal muscle contractions in the target area. Such results are impossible with typical training

The EM System uses high-intensity electromagnetic energy to trigger supra-maximal contractions directly in the area of indication. According to the doctors who developed the technology, the comparison is equivalent to 20,000 full contractions of push-ups, squats, sit-ups, etc. during one procedure.

When muscle tissue is subjected to these contractions, it forces it to adapt to extreme conditions and responds by profoundly remodeling its internal structure. This results in building muscle and burning fat. Burn occurs because muscles need calories to fuel themselves for contractions.



EMS ZERO 2023 Professional is the latest and most powerful muscle stimulator.

The result is muscle toning and fat reduction of up to 19%. One session causes thousands of powerful muscle contractions improving muscle tone and strength. Muscle tissue is forced to adapt to active work thanks to electromagnetism. It contracts up to 90% of the muscle compared to the 20-30% that are activated during standard exercise.

Electrostimulation is the best way to build muscle and reduce fat because it gives your muscles more resistance, which helps burn (not convert!) fat.

Muscle and fat are different tissues, so they don't have the ability to convert from one to the other. Achieving training where both of these processes happen is very challenging, but you can incorporate an EMS method that solves this problem.


When muscle tissue is subjected to supramaximal contractions, it forces it to adapt to these extreme conditions and responds by profoundly remodeling its internal structure. This results in fat building and burning. Burn occurs because muscles need calories to fuel themselves for contractions.

According to the doctors who developed this technology, the comparison is with performing 20,000 full push-up contractions | squats, sit-ups, etc. during 1 session


The EM Muscle Sculpt System is not for everyone!

The ideal candidate is a slim or semi-slim individual, a relatively fit person who is looking for a way to define and tone a specific area (e.g. abdomen, thighs, buttocks) that they cannot achieve with their own efforts.

People who have a lot of body fat will not see the same results as athletes and active people who stay in good shape. Active men and women find this method a good choice for recovering from injuries where muscle groups have been weakened or to support their sports life. The method is for candidates who want to achieve more definition and tone in a specific area.

The method is used by athletes before competitions or promotions to achieve fast and clearer muscle definition.



Features of EMS

Building muscle

Muscle definition

Fat reduction

Improving physical condition

Deeper muscle activation

Reducing the risk of injury

Fast results

Muscle toning

Acceleration of drawing

Recovery from injury

Muscle compensation

Exercise supplement

Increases muscle mass, helps to shape and burns fat

Especially for athletes, fighters and active people

EM System BRNO


We create individual packages and we provide a 10% discount to women 40+.

CZK 1799
1 session
Session of EMS pulses of 1-2 arms lasting 30 minutes on the selected muscle part. Total time allowance 1 hour.
CZK 15990
10 sessions
8 sessions + 2 free sessions.
The ideal choice for achieving the best result. Duration of the schedule 1 month.

Try 10 min. / CZK 199

Please read the information before ordering.

Vlastnost 50 %


Duration and schedule

Four 30-minute treatments are usually recommended within two weeks. The usual length of procedures to achieve the desired results is 6-8 procedures spread over 3-4 weeks. There should be an interval of 2-4 days between individual procedures. If working on more body parts (abdomen, buttocks), it is two 30-minute sessions.

When will I see the results?

Studies show that this method yields results within 15-20% of muscle gain and fat reduction in the indicated area after completing the regimen of procedures. Changes can be felt immediately after treatment, but you will see visual changes 2-4 weeks after the procedure, with improvement continuing for several weeks after that. After two weeks, your body feels and most importantly looks like you are really training to the max with a trainer who is doing his best. If you add to this a quality diet and control of fat intake during the procedure and 2 months after it, the results are very motivating. In general, you can expect 16% muscle hypertrophy and 19% fat reduction in that area.

How long it lasts ?

Results depend on the candidate's activity and lifestyle. There are those who undergo the method once and maintain their newly toned body with regular exercise, others plan to repeat the maintenance process and the method.

Can I train after the session?

After the session, it is recommended to give the strengthened part a break, but you can exercise other parts. So you can still go to the gym and follow your regular exercise regime. In general, you are able to do absolutely anything after the method, i.e. you can even go and exercise if you wish. It depends on how you feel. Someone may feel tired. It is recommended not to train or put any weight on the given part after the session on the given day.

How much does it cost?

The price varies depending on the length of the procedure and on which area of the body it is used.
First visit: Try 10 min. for CZK 199
1 session: CZK 1799 - 2499
4 sessions: CZK 6999 - 9499
8 sessions: 15990 CZK + Bonus two more sessions for free.
Individual packages.
Members of contracted clubs and other partners can apply for a discount as part of Kaskara's support.
Women 40+ can also apply for a discount as part of the INBusiness Institute's support of the Women ESS initiative.

Who will give me the session?

Lucie HRON, trainer, lecturer and founder of the personal safety prevention project, will be with you at the session. She has been involved in combat sports for over 25 years and opened Sport EMS Studio in 2024 to help people get involved in an active life faster and athletes to accelerate their performance.

Who is the method not for?

For people with metal implants anywhere in the body.
For people with pacemakers and defibrillators.
For women with an IUD.
For people with a history of seizures or epilepsy.
For people with a history of cancer, diabetes.
For people with a history of muscle problems and complicated hernias.
For pregnant and lactating women.

Can I have protein after the session?

Immediately after completing the session, you can take 20-30g | 25-35g of protein (according to weight). Protein will not only help your muscles gain more tone and size, but also reduce soreness. It is recommended to consume protein within 30-60 minutes after intense exercise. You can take protein in the form of a shake, bar, drink, meal according to your standard procedures.

How to support the result more?

You can support the results of the EMS method with a few simple habits. During the series of methods, pay attention to the drinking water regime, maintain a healthy diet and stay active.

Burning calories during the method

The electromagnetic method focuses on strengthening muscle mass and muscle definition. This process helps the body burn more calories. The waves trigger enough muscle contractions to increase the amount of calories the body burns.

Side effects

EM carries minimal risks of side effects, yet the potential exists. Individual experiences vary and not every user will experience them. The most common side effect that occurred when using the EM Sculpt procedure is soreness of the skin after the treatment. However, it is not a severe or permanent condition. This is the tactile sensation experienced by athletes after intense training. Redness or swelling caused by intense muscle contractions depending on the electromagnetic energy. The affected area is treated with ice packs and recovery is within a few days of treatment. Muscle soreness and tenderness. This pain is similar to that which can occur after an intense workout. Nausea and dizziness that occurs during or immediately after an EM Sculpt session. The reason is strong muscle contractions induced by high-intensity electromagnetic energy. In most cases, these feelings are mild and short-lived and disappear within a few hours after the procedure. After the session, it is recommended to take a short rest and hydrate the body. With excessive to extreme use of the rectus abdominis procedure, usually to reduce diastasis, EM Sculpt can cause a medial hernia


If you are post-surgery, on long-term medication or have long-term treatment for other health problems than those listed above, it is in your personal interest to consult your doctor or other health professional about visiting the EM procedure. Follow the instructions given by your doctor and the instructions recommended by the provider of the procedure. Give your body time to rest and recover after applying the procedure. Pay attention to the drinking regime and a healthy lifestyle. A healthy side and regular physical activity supports the body's natural healing process and improves the results of the EM procedure. If you experience any negative side effects, please do not hesitate to contact us. To maintain the results of EM, it is essential to have an active lifestyle and a properly nutritious diet. It is possible to apply so-called maintenance sessions.


In 2019, more than 27,000 of these procedures were performed on men and women in the UK. Using medically tested procedures, ordinary people, but especially athletes, can achieve long-lasting results. Magnetic effects have been known since ancient times and were used to treat back pain, joint pain and inflammation.

The magnetic field acts on the cells, thereby accelerating healing, accelerating metabolism and promoting the creation of an alkaline environment that is unfavorable for microorganisms that cause inflammation and infection. Electric stimuli (shocks) themselves used to replace fish. The process was in use in Socrates' time. In the 18th and 19th centuries, artificial electrical devices replaced them.


EMS ZERO 2023 Professional 200Hz, 6500W is the strongest, best and newest machine on the market from EMS ZERO. Nothing better has come out of this factory yet. The DLS-EMS ZERO machine is designed to build muscle and reduce fat. Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulator, Tesla Handles DLS-EMSlim Sculpt Body 14 Tesla 6500W, Electromagnetic Body Slim Muscle Stimulate EMSzero Build Muscle Sculpting Machine 200Hz.





The EM System is suitable for every active person. Do you run, hike, dance, bike or play tennis? This technology will help you compensate for parts that are weakened or increase performance where you need it. It doesn't matter what condition you are in.

Many people need to strengthen their Core as it is the basis for many different exercises and disciplines. It allows you to rely on a large muscle group for performance.



The EM System is loved by athletes, but also by fighters from the field of martial arts. A fighter's goal is technical preparation and performance, not bodybuilding. Therefore, not every fighter is an athlete at the same time. Yet audiences often judge an individual's performance as well as their visuals.

The EM System solves this problem and at the same time provides compensation for parts that are less loaded.

Instead of unhealthy methods of weight loss and toning, they will use modern innovative technologies to support them during regular training, pre-match and pre-promo.


Olympians, professional athletes, players of the highest levels of famous teams, as well as civilian athletes use the EM System to increase performance and energy, as it is a functional and effective method that is not ephemeral.

Athletes and players are at their peak physical fitness. They train long and hard every day to keep their bodies in shape. Why do they turn to this method to supplement their training? Because it has results!



The ElectroMagnetic System method for muscle support is used by professional football, hockey or American Super Bowl players. It's the supplemental training routine of champions, and if it works for them, you can be sure it will work for you, too.

The EM method for muscle support is a procedure where after a long week of exhaustion, they can relax and let the system do its work to finish what they have worked so hard for.


Although the EMS system was originally developed for athletes to accelerate performance, it is widely used for aesthetic and health purposes by just about everyone.

The advantage of EMS is that it does not require much time, which allows you to activate the muscles very quickly, which the client often feels after just 1 session.

Busy managers and workers use it to compensate for weakened parts and enjoy moments of relaxation. EMS also helps with back pain as it stimulates the deep muscles.

Sportovní relaxace


Do you train daily, follow your diet and still the result is not what you want? Do you spend dozens of hours a week practicing and constantly educating yourself to get the best results? Do you follow the advice of coaches and professionals, but still there are parts you can't move?

You are not alone. This problem is solved by many active people, whether civilian athletes or professionals and sports representatives.

Whether it is due to over-information, irrelevant preparation of the training plan, genetics or time, sometimes even mental state, the EM system is the solution you are looking for.

We present to you a revolutionary and modern supplement method that delivers fast results and supports your body and mind in your next training session.

Before ordering

Before booking an EMS Sports Relaxation session, please read the information about this method and the suitable candidate.


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